L’arte porta fuori, meaning “art draws outward” in Italian, is the final stage of a much more complex project called “Violenza & Libertà” (“Violence and Freedom”).

The project was submitted between 2014 and 2015 to a group of inmates in Sanquirico jail in Monza (Italy). The meetings lasted an entire day and took place once a week for approximately six months. The group consisted of Italians and foreigners coming from different countries.

The project has led to the creation of a collective VIDEO INSTALLATION which amazes the audience and accompanies it through a short but intense journey into the emotions and into the daily life of a detained person.

The images were shot and edited by the inmates in a participatory way and were then transformed into a multiscreen installation set up on different levels, through the projection mapping technology, where the images are projected on the surface of various elements of the scenography.

The installation was displayed at the Urban Center of Milan and in the Arengario of Monza.